She's PHONY, He's FAKE

That's the type of people I HATE!!! People always smiling in your face but talking shit otherwise?


  1. Anonymous23:15

    Kimberly from miami

  2. Anonymous23:27

    so when niggas claim they bagged u and u was only fuckin wit the white boy niggas was fakin and list the niggas that had a chance with you including fred from va

  3. Anonymous23:35

    that DUMBASS Julissa she hangout that big bitch MERIADITH... HOWEVER U SPELL DAT MONSTERS NAME.

  4. Anonymous01:18

    Anglea Titus Perez, watch out for this whore, she has sex with several men at one time, is carrying STD's and lied about having cancer. She doesn't have a job and uses her ex husbands alimony check to spend on other men. She leaves her 12 year old son alone for days or even weeks at a time to fuck different men. She also is a call girl, claims to work in the real estate industry, but sleeps with her clients for side money. She is a cheap old whore who is having a mid life crisis. Her son needs to be taken from her and given back to his father. She has different men around him.
    She's hot, but she is trouble and a HUGE liability. She will ruin your life and empty your pockets and leave you in the dust. Don't mess with her. Her name is Angel, but she is the devil in disguise.